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2-Day Civil Process Server

Certification Renewal Workshop


Course Description:

This intense 2-Day Workshop provides a  comprehensive review of the levels of diligence expected amongst those certified to deliver process. The Workshop provides attendees with an in depth understanding of the Civil Process Server duties and responsibilities.  Participants will learn Proper Service Techniques, Proper Return of Service, Legal Business Systems, and Serve-O-Nomics (the business of process service) in addition to obtaining a better understanding of process and its associated support  documentation over 2 consecutive days.

Course Length: 12 hours               Continuing Education

Course Requirements:

Prerequisites for all Continuing Education Seminar Courses include:

1) Completion of CPO106A Civil Process Orientation or JBCC Approved Certification Course

2) State JBCC Process Server Certification in good standing

Course participant must bring to class a laptop, computer, or any other web enabled device, and are encouraged to bring any open or previously delivered process.


Course Overview:

Day 1      



CIVIL PROCESS REVIEW  -   Jurisdiction, Court Structure, Civil Procedure                                            

PROPER SERVICE TECHNIQUES- Proper Identification, Immediate Presence, Certified Mail            ,

ALTERNATE SERVICE  -  Due Diligence, Affidavits, Service Strategy                                                      

ETHICAL PRACTICE- Case Study, Interactive Role Play                                                        

Day 2


LEGAL INDUSTRY REVIEW - Industry opportunity,


INTRO TO SERVE-O-NOMICS - Market Penetration, Value Added Services

LEGAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS - Document Management, Locator

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