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Civil Process Orientation Webinar

Next Sessions

  • June 1, 2024 9a-5p

  • July 13, 2024 9a-5p



Course Description:  


The Civil Process Orientation course (CPO) reinforces the Standardized Curriculum for Orientation Courses

as set forth by the JBCC.  The course emphasizes the process server's two distinct and equally important duties: (1) to promptly and properly deliver the proper papers to the proper person; and (2) to promptly and properly file with the court a return of service.


Course Length:  7 hours                      


Course Requirements:

  • Course participant must be 18+

  • Course participant must access webinar via laptop, computer, or any other web enabled device.

  • Course participant must complete JBCC Certification Application within 1 calendar year of Orientation Course Completion.

Location:        Online Webinar

Course Overview:

Civil Process - Industrial Overview, Who Can Serve, Civil Procedure

Service Instrument / Process - Court Structure, Document Types, Document Production

Proper Service - Timely Service, Personal Service, Due Diligence Certified Mail Service, Subpoenas

Proper Return  -  Return of Service, Timely Return, Amended Return, Moral Turpitude

Certification Only

Not CE

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