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Course Description:

The Business of Process Service course introduces participants to social and economic factors essential to business vitality.  Economic factors within the Process Service Industry are emphasized in an effort to produce successful Process Servers and Process Service Companies.


Course Length:  8 hours     Continuing Education

Course Requirements:

Prerequisites for all Continuing Education Seminar Courses include:

1) Completion of CPO106A Civil Process Orientation or JBCC Approved Certification Course

2) State JBCC Process Server Certification in good standing

Course is online webinar and can be taken on any laptop, computer, or any other web enabled device.

Course Overview:

Introduction - Quantify Market, Benefits of Private Process Server, Business Structure, Financing

Market Penetration - Target Market, Market Pricing, Branding, Value-Added Services

Sustainability - Tools of the Trade, Cost Management, Software and Locator Services, Professional Organizations

Profitability - Collections, Resource Optimization, Outsourcing, Indemnity

Civil Process Review  -   Jurisdiction, Court Structure, Civil Procedure

Service Instrument / Process - Document Types, Court Filings, eFile Texas, Document Production

Proper Return -   Timely Return, Return of Service

Filing Options - File Clerk, Efiling



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Next Live Session

  • July 20, 2024   9AM - 5PM

  • Aug 17, 2024  9AM - 5PM

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