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Proper Service Techniques


Course Description:

This course provides rigorous study of a Civil Process Server's primary responsibility of promptly and properly providing the proper papers to the proper person.  Proper Service Techniques are instilled with focus on Civil Procedure, Document Recognition, and Personal Service.

Course Length:  6 hours               Continuing Education

Course Requirements:

Prerequisites for all Continuing Education Seminar Courses include:

1) Completion of CPO106A Civil Process Orientation or JBCC Approved Certification Course

2) State JBCC Process Server Certification in good standing

Course participant must bring to class a laptop, computer, or any other web enabled device.


Course Overview:

CIVIL PROCESS REVIEW  -   Jurisdiction, Court Structure, Civil Procedure

PROCESS PRODUCTION - Document Types, Court Filings, eFile Texas, Document Production

PROPER SERVICE  -  Personal Service, Certified Mail Service, Immediate Presence

ETHICAL CASE STUDY - Ethical Review with interactive practice

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