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Civil Process Professional Review

Course Description:


In depth study of Process Server responsibilities.  Proper Service Techniques are instilled with focus on Civil Procedure, Document Recognition, Due Diligence, Service Strategies, and Serve-O-Nomics

Course Length:  8 hours           Continuing Education

Course Requirements:

Prerequisites for all Continuing Education Seminar Courses include:

1) Completion of CPO106A Civil Process Orientation or JBCC Approved Certification Course

2) State JBCC Process Server Certification in good standing

Course participant must bring to class a laptop, computer, or any other web enabled device.


Course Overview:

Civil Process Review  -   Jurisdiction, Court Structure, Civil Procedure

Service Instrument / Process - Document Types, Court Filings, eFile Texas, Document Production

Proper Service -  Personal Service, Certified Mail Service, Service by Publication

                                Service by Posting, Secretary of State Service, Subpoenas, Writs

How to Serve - Approach, Appearance, Timely Service, Due Diligence, Alternate Service,

                            Return of Service, Timely Return, Amended Return, Moral Turpitude

Serve-O-Nomics - The Business of Process Service, Business Structure, Attracting Customers

                                Tools of the Trade, Software and Locator Services, Collections, Resource Optimization

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