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JBCC Approved Pre-Certification and Continuing Education Courses

Civil Process Orientation


Thorough introduction to Process Server responsibilities within Civil Proceedure.   This course provides a functional knowledge of Court Structure, Document Recognition, Proper Service, and Proper Return.  JBCC Standardized Curriculum for Orientation Courses meets State Certifications Requirements.

Legal Business Systems


Comprehensive study and application of systems relevant to effective legal support.  This course evaluates software for document preparation, eFiling, as well as locator and skip trace services.

Process Service Professional


In depth study of Process Server responsiblities.  Proper Service Techniques are instilled with focus on Civil Procedure, Document Recognition, Service Strategies, and Serve-O-Nomics.



A term coined by the Texas School of Legal Support referring to "The Business of Process Service".  This course introduces participants to social and economic factors essential to business vitality. 

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